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In some cases, a happy divorce outcome is not always fair

When many California couples decide to divorce, they may face a complicated and bitter divorce. One author cautions that fighting battles in court to make sure that everyone gets their fair share may not always be the best option for an individual when it comes to the dissolution of a marriage.

The author cited an example from her own divorce. Her soon to be ex-husband requested that she pay him maintenance as he wanted to move out of state to obtain a degree at a University. However, she had been given full custody of her daughter. While she could afford the maintenance that he asked for, she believed that it was unfair as he was employable.

As she geared up for battle with her lawyer, a third-party gave her advice that made her think twice about the upcoming argument. The friend asked her if winning in court would really make her happy. The battle would not only cost more emotional distress and added court costs, but she would further strain the relationship she had with her ex-husband.

She ultimately decided to settle even though she believed that she would have won in court. However, she believes that this decision had an advantageous outcome as it laid the groundwork for an amicable relationship with her ex-spouse. They were able to become friends and could therefore support their child together. Further, when he did become employable, obtaining child support became a non-issue for them.

Not every divorce has to turn bitter and nasty. An experienced California attorney may be able to help their clients by aiding in the negotiations of the split so that everyone involved is happy with the outcome. If a complicated divorce is likely, the attorney may also represent their client and make sure that the settlement that they receive is fair.

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