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Is a DIY Divorce a Good Idea?

Divorce is a complicated legal process that requires time, money, and energy. Many couples think they should save money by attempting a do it yourself (DIY) divorce; however, is a DIY divorce a good idea? Here are the facts, and we’ll let you decide!

DIY Divorce & Uncontested Scenarios

If a couple agrees on every aspect of their divorce, then it’s considered “uncontested.” Many couples believe their uncontested divorces are perfect for the DIY process, but that’s not necessarily true. An uncontested divorce is still an intricate legal process, and one wrong signature could cost you.

All divorces, uncontested or otherwise, require mountains of paperwork. You and your spouse may agree on every aspect of your divorce but getting it down in writing can be challenging. Both you and your spouse will have to create, review, and agree on an asset and property division plan, a child custody agreement, a child support agreement, and a visitation schedule: and these are just the basics!

Organizing and understanding legal paperwork are crucial in accomplishing an uncontested DIY divorce. If you have trouble staying organized, or if you have trouble understanding legal terms like alimony, custodial rights, or marital settlement agreement, it’s probably best to skip the DIY process and to call an experienced divorce attorney.

Having an Attorney in an Uncontested Divorce

A knowledgeable divorce attorney can walk you through the paperwork, ensuring you and your spouse’s uncontested divorce runs smoothly. You won’t have to deal with courts rejecting your paperwork because your attorney will make sure it’s right the first time. Additionally, a Beverly Hills divorce lawyer will ensure that your desires are secured in your decree, which means you and your spouse can rest easy knowing you’ll receive the outcome you planned.

 DIY Divorce & Contested Divorce Scenarios

If you and your spouse don’t agree on every aspect of your divorce, then your divorce is “contested.” In a contested divorce, you and your spouse will appear before a judge and make arguments attempting to prove why you deserve a specific divorce outcome.

Individuals should never represent themselves in contested divorce scenarios for the following reasons:

  • Talking about your divorce can make you emotional, which can impact your judgment during a court case.
  • If your spouse hires a divorce lawyer, you are now likely the underdog in your divorce proceedings.
  • If you don’t understand marital law, you could miss critical points in your argument.
  • Divorces are final, which means you have one shot at making your case.

Imagine sitting in a courtroom making an argument that you’re sure is going to sway to judge, only to have to find out that your argument isn’t legally valid. Now imagine doing this over and over and over again. That’s what it’s like to represent yourself in a contested divorce with no knowledge of marital law. However, an experienced divorce lawyer can help you make your case.

Having an Attorney in a Contested Divorce

When you hire a divorce attorney for your case, you can rest easy knowing your attorney is here to help you. You’ll still need to collect evidence of your marital life, you’ll still need to sign papers, and you’ll still need to go to court.

However, you won’t have to figure out how that evidence helps your case, you won’t have to decipher the exact meaning of the paperwork you’re working on, and you won’t have to argue your case to a judge. Your attorney will do the heavy lifting while you watch!

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