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Staying safe during a divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2022 | Divorce, Domestic violence

Divorce in and of itself can be a painful process. If you are afraid of the person you are divorcing, it can be especially difficult. Under these circumstances, you might consider some crucial steps and resources to protect yourself.

Prioritizing your privacy

Protecting your privacy can keep an ex from gaining sensitive information about you, threatening you or spying on you. 

As we discussed in this recent post, protecting your privacy can mean changing passwords for online accounts, checking your car for tracking devices and keeping an ex from coming into your home. You might also want to make your social media profiles private and refrain from sharing any personal information online during the divorce.

Avoiding heated exchanges

Threats to your physical and emotional well-being can be especially alarming during a process like divorce. You may still need to see your ex, interact with them and discuss stressful topics, especially if you share custody of your children.

To protect yourself from violent or abusive situations, you may want to:

  • Make all exchanges (for custody or property division) in a public place
  • Refrain from discussing any emotionally-charged subjects in person
  • Keep all conversations in writing to have evidence of threats, lies or manipulative tactics
  • Respond to or make requests through your attorney
  • Abstain from spending significant time alone with the other person

These measures can minimize any opportunity your ex might have to engage in abusive, harassing behaviors.

Securing a restraining order

If your ex has demonstrated abusive behaviors before, you can ask the courts for a restraining order. These legal orders can protect you by:

  • Preventing your ex from contacting you
  • Preventing them from coming near your home or work
  • Requiring your ex to move out of your home
  • Ordering your ex to surrender firearms and other weapons
  • Enforcing court orders for support and custody

A protective order is not necessary in every contentious divorce, but it can be vital in situations involving a violent or potentially violent party.

Protecting your physical and emotional well-being during divorce

Your safety and emotional well-being are worth protecting during a divorce, and taking these steps can do just that. If your soon-to-be-ex is volatile or abusive, you can work with your attorney and other professionals to establish protective measures that allow you to navigate the legal process safely and get the outcome you deserve.

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