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Tips for discussing a prenup with your partner

On Behalf of | May 10, 2022 | Prenuptial agreements

Before getting married, you may need to have some uncomfortable conversations with your partner, including whether you should have a prenuptial agreement. These discussions can be somewhat distressing, but there are ways to make them easier – and more productive – for both of you.

Focus on being open and honest

Discussions about sensitive topics like finances, futures and marital expectations can be emotional and fraught. Under these circumstances, some people might feel like being less than honest or misrepresenting their motivations for wanting a prenup.

However, saying something that you don’t mean or is untrue can create legal problems down the road.

Instead, focus on being open and honest. You and your partner can benefit significantly from transparency before marriage, and having these conversations can reinforce bonds and strengthen the foundation upon which you build your union.

Keep things in perspective

Considering the emotional aspect of prenups, some people can lose perspective. They might be overcome by feelings that wanting a prenup means not wanting to commit to each other, or they might think that a prenup is an unnecessary legal agreement that just upsets people.

However, stepping back and seeing this for what it is can make conversations easier.

It might help to think of a prenup as a safety net or tool that you may never even need. And you are likely already party to legal agreements like leases, loans and life insurance. So, looking at prenups from that perspective can make the conversation easier.

Put a plan in place

After talking about why you want a prenup and what you think should be in it, make a plan to meet with lawyers and create your agreement.

If you put off these next steps, you could wind up facing a ticking clock and the potential for a prenup to be invalid. This stress is avoidable when you consult individual attorneys and get the plan completed and signed well before your marriage date.

Collaborate and communicate

These agreements and discussions affect both you and your partner. Thus, prioritize open communication, encourage questions, and work together to create a prenuptial agreement.

Taking these approaches to prenup discussions can help ease exchanges and get the desired outcome.

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