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Make Your Complex Divorce Manageable

Every divorce contains unique problems to solve, but some are truly complex and require customization, vigilance and a laser-sharp focus on long-term outcomes. At Stolar & Associates, highly demanding clients find reassurance through my trustworthy guidance. I am family law attorney Steven R. Stolar, based in Beverly Hills and serving the entire Los Angeles area and other parts of California. I am known for my experience, deep insights and mastery of legal processes, which I apply skillfully to my clients’ cases.

My clients include executives, public figures and other highly wealthy individuals, as well as many working people with average to above-average incomes. Some of their complex divorces involve special elements such as:

  • Multifaceted asset portfolios, often including business interests, foreign assets and/or unusual holdings like cyber currency
  • Serious debt problems that may lead to bankruptcy before or after the divorce
  • An extra-critical need for privacy and confidentiality
  • Extraordinary family difficulties to account for, such as threats to children’s safety
  • Multiple previous divorces in the backgrounds of one or both spouses
  • International dimensions, such as when a marriage took place abroad or when one spouse is living overseas
  • Fierce disagreements between spouses about property division or child custody

Whatever elaborate business, family or other entanglements make your divorce complex, I am prepared to fight to protect your assets and parental rights. I will guide our communications in the directions that matter most to you.

Examples Of Complexities In Many Divorces

When a divorce is obviously going to have more complexities than usual, I am diligent to become thoroughly familiar with my client’s priorities and challenges. I then align my recommendations with those preferences. Sometimes my clients’ spouses have hidden assets or underreported their incomes for the purpose of child support calculations. Spouses may have vastly different ideas about how to divide property and debts, valuate business interests and securities, revise trusts or account for retirement accounts.

Since 1986, I have been representing people from all walks of life with a determination to help them preserve assets and parental rights as they go through divorce. When all goes well, they have opportunities to move on with their lives with their financial futures and family relationships intact.

Take The First Step Toward Protecting Your Future

I am convinced that you will feel confident and comfortable with me as your California divorce lawyer. Call 310-800-2132 or email me to schedule a consultation about your complex divorce.

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