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Heading For Divorce? Watch Out For Facebook, Instagram And Other Social Media Forums.

As your marriage is dissolving, it may feel natural to spend more time on social media as you are almost single once again. However, posting personal information on the internet can be even more problematic than ever as a divorce approaches. You may give your spouse fodder to protest your child custody aspirations or seek a greater financial settlement from you based on social media postings that show you drinking alcohol, traveling or dating again.

To prevent the trouble that such posts can bring to your family law case, I urge you to consult with your divorce lawyer and ask for guidelines and precautions. I am family law attorney Steven R. Stolar in Beverly Hills. In more than 35 years of practicing family law, I have witnessed countless cases in which too much personal information out in public has resulted in worse-case outcomes for my clients. This is why I recommend against the careless use of social media while your family law case is in process.

Precautions And A Suggestion

I also understand that it can be difficult to prevent friends and family members from posting personal photos and other information about you or your children. I am sympathetic to the value that many people derive from social networks by which friends plan get-togethers and otherwise stay in touch. It can be hard to stay away altogether if this is true for you. However, there are specific, practical ways to protect yourself. A frank conversation with your divorce attorney may be the wisest investment you will make.

The simplest advice I can offer you about social media and your California divorce is to stay off Facebook, Twitter and other online platforms. For personalized counsel relevant to your unique life circumstances, consult with an insightful family law attorney. I have abundant advice to offer on ways to avoid sabotaging your property division settlement or child custody aspirations through social media exposure.

Learn More About This Topic And Your Case

If we talk, I can share with you some specific case summaries that demonstrate the hazards of social media use during a divorce or child custody litigation. I can also help you determine your areas of vulnerability and ways to limit your online activity accordingly.

To schedule a consultation about any aspect of your California divorce, call me at 310-800-2132 or send an email inquiry.

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