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Get Answers To Your Questions About Domestic Violence

Domestic violence and accusations of domestic violence are both difficult and common problems to address. For reassurance and protection of your rights and safety in a domestic violence situation, contact an experienced, trusted family law attorney.

At Stolar & Associates in the Los Angeles area, you can expect prompt attention and a direct pathway to greater security and peace of mind. I am lawyer Steven R. Stolar, and I am ready to help you find solutions and answers to your questions. Following are a few I’m often asked.

What, exactly, is domestic violence?

This term is defined by who is involved and what type(s) of abuse or threats of abuse have allegedly occurred. The affected people (the perpetrator and the target) may be spouses, former spouses, domestic partners, former domestic partners, co-parents or close relatives by blood or marriage. Abuse may be physical or it may involve threats and actions intended to produce fear or intimidation.

What are examples of legal processes to address domestic violence?

Someone targeted by domestic abuse may:

  • Ask a judge for a civil restraining order
  • Ask law enforcement agents or a court to enforce the restraining order
  • Seek to renew a restraining order
  • Move to end a restraining order
  • Take actions to protect children
  • Report violations to law enforcement agents, which may result in criminal charges and a criminal protective order

My spouse or partner has abused or threatened to abuse me or my children. Will this affect my family law case?

Yes, it may affect the outcome of your California divorce or child custody case. Ask your family law attorney to help you pursue relief in one of these ways:

  • If you are in the process of seeking or planning for divorce and you report the domestic violence to a family law judge, that judge may compel the abuser to pay your attorney’s fees.
  • If you have a pending child custody case and the family law judge learns about the domestic violence, that judge may order supervision of child visitation.

How Can I Get Answers To My Own Questions About Domestic Violence?

Request a consultation with me, attorney Stolar, if you have suffered the effects of domestic violence or if you have been accused of domestic violence in the Los Angeles area. Call 310-800-2132 or complete my online inquiry form. I can help protect your rights and, when appropriate, your confidentiality.

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