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When Family Law Disputes Lead To The Courtroom

Disputes over child custody, child support, spousal support and divorce are common and should not be cause for alarm. In many cases, negotiations between the two sides and their attorneys can result in the necessary resolutions. For example, parents with differences over a proposed child custody modification may find a workable solution through negotiations. When the differences are still not resolved, mediation may be the next step.

Family law mediation allows parents or soon-to-be ex-spouses to craft their own decisions on their own schedules with the help of a family law mediator. Sometimes, however, even mediation cannot bridge the gap between one person’s stance and the other. When mediation fails and stakes are high, litigation may become necessary. Working with an experienced lawyer is critical.

Containing Costs Of Litigation; Maximizing Chances Of Success

I am Steven R. Stolar, a career family law attorney who has practiced in the Los Angeles area since 1986. I am also a skilled and highly trained trial lawyer. I am available to litigate your family law matter before the following:

  • Family law courts
  • District courts
  • Appellate courts
  • The Supreme Court of California

I will fight to protect your assets, rights and future. Whether the battle is over the division of assets and debts, child support, child custody or another family law matter, I am ready to apply my sharp skills on your behalf.

Many people fear the high costs associated with court battles. Rest assured, I share this aversion to racking up high legal fees – even if I would be the one to receive them. When I represent a client, I give my best efforts to prevent litigation or prevail in court without delay. Preparation is often the key. If you become my client and you see expenses going up before I enter the courtroom, you can know that I am determined to win on your behalf.

What Family Law Dispute Of Yours Is On The Brink Of Litigation?

Has your soon-to-be ex-spouse hidden assets leading up to your divorce? Are you and your child’s other parent still far apart in the area of child custody and visitation? Do you need to bring a family law appeal after receiving an unacceptable outcome in a court case? I would be glad to explain how I can advocate skillfully for you before any court at any level in California.

My family law litigation clients have included public figures, Silicon Valley corporate executives and Academy Award-winning writers and actors. Learn why they entrusted their cases to my skilled representation. Call Stolar & Associates at 310-800-2132 or send an email message to schedule a case evaluation.

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