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Things To Consider About A Second Or Third Marriage Or Divorce

Legally speaking, a second or third marriage is equivalent to a first marriage. In practical terms, however, second, third and subsequent marriages typically differ from first marriages in several key ways. Whether you need representation in a divorce or need a prenuptial agreement before a first, second or third marriage, my deep knowledge of California family law can be helpful to you. I am lawyer Steven R. Stolar, and I hope to hear from you.

Ways In Which Many Second And Third Marriages Often Differ From First Marriages

Frequency and length: Researchers, marriage counselors and other experts often notice that second and third marriages tend to end in divorce more often than first marriages. These multiple marriages also tend to be shorter than first marriages, on average.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements: Someone who has gotten married for a second or third time is often realistic about the possibility of a divorce. For this and other reasons, the existence of a prenup or a postnup is logically more likely.

Blended family factors: Naturally, second and third marriages commonly create blended families, as older spouses-to-be tend to have children from previous relationships already. In practical terms, the remarriage or divorce of a parent will bring additional layers of complexity into family life. In case of divorce after a second or third marriage that includes stepchildren, there may be larger real estate holdings and a mortgage may be a larger chunk of property division and debt division.

Age and stage of life matters: By definition, someone getting married for the second or third time is likely to be farther along in their career. Asset portfolios may be more complex and, thus, a second or third divorce may be more complex. These and other factors may make the second or third divorce more complicated, although this is not always so.

For Best Results Creating A Prenup Or Preparing For Divorce, Work With An Experienced Family Law Attorney

As a mainstay in the family law arena in Beverly Hills since 1986, I have had many repeat clients turn to me for representation in second and third divorces. I have also helped many remarried people with issues such as stepparent adoption. I look forward to hearing about your family law concerns related to your second, third or subsequent marriage. You are certainly not alone; many Californians have had similar experiences.

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