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Your Choice Of A Divorce Or Custody Lawyer May Have A Significant Impact

A divorce sometimes takes months or even longer than a year to resolve. The outcome of your child custody case may affect your family life for years to come. These are two strong reasons to select your family law attorney with care.

At Stolar & Associates, I make every effort to help clients and potential clients feel comfortable as they decide whether to hire me and as their cases progress. Here are some suggestions I can offer about how to ensure that your family law attorney is a good fit for your needs.

Look at their experience. How many years has the attorney been in practice? Have they practiced mostly family law or spread their practice out among numerous practice areas?

Consider their reputation. What do past clients and fellow family law attorneys say about them? Perhaps contact the state bar association and ask for evidence of favorable reviews by others.

Ask about the attorney’s typical clientele. If you have high assets or special concerns such as a heightened need for confidentiality, you will naturally want to work with a lawyer with a track record to match your needs and preferences.

Take location into account, but only to the extent that it matters to you. Your family law attorney should be licensed to practice in your state, of course. They should also be familiar with the family law court nearest you. On the other hand, keep in mind that, in today’s environment of abundant digital communications, it may not matter much where the lawyer’s office is. Location is a key factor but not the most important.

Take note of responsiveness. Does the lawyer or someone from their firm answer your emails and phone calls promptly? Is it easy to get a hold of them? Do they answer questions clearly?

Ask for credentials to determine whether your potential family law attorney is recognized for skills in litigation, mediation or negotiations. If your case may be contentious, you will likely want to work with a skillful trial lawyer. If you like the idea of collaborative family law methods, choose your attorney accordingly.

Request an initial consultation and take the time to get to know an attorney and let them get to know you. Rapport, chemistry and your comfort level with a lawyer’s style are all valid measures of compatibility.

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