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Wills And Trusts In Beverly Hills

Plan Ahead And Protect Your Family’s Future

At Stolar & Associates, I firmly believe it is never too soon to begin planning for your future. If something were to happen to you tomorrow, can you confidently say those closest to you would be taken care of? Pondering the what-if situations isn’t fun, but it’s a good idea to consider the state of your assets in order to better secure the future of your family and loved ones. To plan your will or trusts, contact an estate planning lawyer like me, Steven Stolar.

I have 35 years of experience, and I am proud to offer professional, approachable legal services to all of my clients. I provide tailored legal help to meet the specific needs of each client, protecting their best interests every step of the way. Based in Beverly Hills, I provide help with wills and trusts throughout the Los Angeles area.

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What Is A Will?

Wills are the most common document in an estate plan, and they fulfill the most basic needs in dividing an individual’s assets. In a will, a person can designate who will receive their possessions upon their death. This includes properties, funds, vehicles or any other belongings. You can split your possessions in any way you choose, and you may even designate that certain properties or funds be sent to charities. If you have young children under the age of 18, you may also use the will to appoint guardianship.

Should the owner of the will wish to include any conditions for the beneficiaries, the details of those stipulations should be outlined in the will. An experienced attorney will be able to help you draft a will according to your exact specifications, including any stipulations you would like to impose on your beneficiaries. For example, a person may wish to leave a fund to his grandson, but only if he enrolls in a university.

What Is A Trust?

With a trust, the grantor can designate someone, known as the trustee, the power to manage the property on behalf of another person, the beneficiary. The property may ultimately be the beneficiary’s, but the trustee will manage and control the property until the beneficiary is able to take the reins. The use of a trust can be particularly useful if the grantor wishes to leave a large sum to a younger person who is not yet old enough to manage it. The appointed trustee could maintain the funds and properties until the beneficiary is of age and is therefore capable of such arrangements. The property in a trust may be physical property or monetary funds.

Choose Stolar & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation

Whether you need to make adjustments to your existing will and trusts or you need to create them from scratch, my firm can help. Without these necessary documents, your estate could go to probate court upon your death, which can be long, difficult, and taxing. To save your family the added strain and financial burden after your passing, establishing a firm, legally binding estate plan is the best way to secure their future. My firm has ample professional resources to draw on in order to compose your will and trust to your exact specifications. Don’t leave your finances and properties to chance; establish a legal plan with our competent lawyers, today.

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