If you are divorcing a volatile, violent or abusive partner, your safety and welfare (and that of your family) is a top priority. An angry ex may try to hurt you or stop you from moving forward.They may do this by invading your privacy. Knowing what tactics they may try can help you protect yourself during this tumultuous time.


It is easier than ever to track someone’s movements with or without their knowledge.

One common method people use to do this is by putting an Apple AirTag on a person’s car, purse or coat. These small devices transmit location information to users, which means an ex could use one to track your location without you realizing it.

brainwashing and parental alienation.


If you suspect your ex is surveilling you through these or other methods, taking action immediately is crucial.

Depending on the tactics they are using, your options can include seeking a restraining order, filing a police report or working with your attorney to modify custody orders. These measures can help you get through this difficult time safely and privately.