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Move-Away Orders In Los Angeles

Relocating? You May Need A Move-Away Order.

When a custodial parent is planning to move out of state, it can be difficult for everyone concerned. My firm, Stolar & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation, helps clients protect their families during move-away proceedings. Whether you are a custodial parent planning on relocating your child out of the state or you are concerned about the impact your ex’s move will have on your right as a noncustodial parent to visitation, my firm can help you. It is important that you discuss your concerns with me, attorney Steven Stolar, without delay. If you relocate out of state without a move-away order from the court, the authorities may show up at your door and return your child back to California.

Discuss your move-away order with me during an initial consultation: 310-800-2132.

The Court’s View Of Removal And Custody

The court will consider a number of questions before issuing a modification of custody decision or a move-away order, such as the following:

  • Have circumstances changed since the original order for custody and visitation was issued?
  • Is the purpose of the move to prevent the noncustodial parent from contact with the child?
  • Is the out-of-state move going to be detrimental or beneficial to the child?
  • If the parents have joint physical custody, how much time has the child spent with each?

These questions and others that the court will ask do not have hard and fast answers, which is why it is important that your case be presented to the court by an experienced attorney. I have assisted countless families with move-away orders in the past. I can help you too.

Los Angeles Attorney Working Toward Effective Solutions

I have been representing families in courts throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties for 35 years, earning a reputation as professional and approachable. I understand how to frame a statement effectively and present your case to the court. I will do everything in my power to secure an effective solution to your move-away needs.

Seek my firm’s legal representation for your move-away order case as soon as possible.

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