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Learn about Establishing Paternity Rights In California

Each of a child’s parents has a responsibility to support the child and a right to maintain a strong parent-child relationship. When a child’s parents are married at the time of his or her birth, the husband is presumed to be the father in the eyes of the law. However, paternity often needs to be established when an unmarried woman has a child. The biological father of a child can be determined through a DNA test. The results of this test can then be used by the court as evidence of paternity.

If you need to establish paternity, my firm, Stolar & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation, can help you.

When handling paternity cases, my firm deals primarily with two issues:

I am attorney Steven Stolar. It is my goal to take care of my clients and their children, providing legal solutions that last a lifetime. If you are a single mother or father and need help establishing your child’s legal paternity, I am ready and willing to provide you with the tough and professional legal services you need at this moment. I consider myself a guide for the parents that I represent.

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Tackling Paternity-Related Issues With Tenacity

For more than three decades, my reputable law firm has been providing a full range of family law services to clients throughout Southern California. A number of those issues, including child custody and child support, are directly related to the establishment of legal paternity.

I can assist you with other paternity-related issues, such as:

Resolve Any Family Law Issue Decisively

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