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Discuss Your Case Today:
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Domestic Violence Attorney in Beverly Hills and Sherman Oaks

Defending Victims and the Wrongfully Accused of Domestic Abuse

It happens every day. A woman enters the E.R. with a fractured skull. A baby is shaken until it suffers permanent brain damage. A man is faced with false charges of domestic violence. It is up to the courts to sort out the facts.

If a member of your family is being abused, or if you have been charged with domestic violence, it is extremely important that you seek the immediate help of an experienced domestic violence lawyer in Los Angeles. A lawyer can help you understand your rights and fight to protect your family. 

At Stolar Law Group, we represent victims of domestic violence, as well as those who have been wrongfully accused of domestic abuse. Let us be your advocate to keep you and your family safe. If you need help with a domestic violence issue, contact our office at (424) 421-0009 to schedule a free, confidential consultation. 

Types of Domestic Violence Cases We Handle

Domestic violence can include a wide range of issues, from a victim who needs to file a restraining order against their aggressor to a person who has been wrongfully accused of abuse. Domestic abuse is a difficult topic, but it must be addressed. You should not have to go through it alone. If you are in immediate danger, it is imperative to find a safe place to shelter and contact 9-1-1. 

Types of domestic violence cases handled at Stolar Law Group:

At Stolar Law Group, Attorney Steven R. Stolar provides experienced representation for domestic violence issues throughout Beverly Hills, the San Fernando Valley, and all of California. Attorney Stolar has decades of experience helping individuals through domestic violence matters. Our firm is focused on your best interests and will not rest until you receive the best possible outcome in your case. 

Can You Go to Jail for Domestic Violence?

A person who is accused of domestic violence may face jail time. Generally, a person will be charged with a violation of California Penal Code section 243(e)(1) or domestic battery. Violation of this code section is charged as a misdemeanor and carries a county jail sentence of up to one year and a fine not to exceed $2,000.

If a person wilfully inflicts corporal injury on a current or former spouse, intimate partner, cohabitant, or co-parent, they may be charged with violations of California Penal Code section 273.5. The offense is considered a felony and carries substantial penalties upon conviction, including state imprisonment for two, three, or four years and a fine of up to $6,000. 

What to Do If You Are Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence

If you are falsely accused of domestic violence, you need to consult with a family law attorney immediately. If convicted of these allegations, you could face significant penalties, including a jail or prison sentence. Even accusations may affect your reputation and could negatively impact other family law matters, such as a child custody dispute. 

At Stolar Law Group in Beverly Hills, we are committed to taking care of our clients. Our founding attorney, Steven R. Stolar, has over 40 years of experience in cases involving domestic violence. If you have been falsely accused of domestic abuse, we can help you protect your rights, both in and out of court hearings. 

Do You Need a Restraining Order?

Domestic violence is prevalent and frequently underreported. If you have been the victim of domestic abuse, you may need to file a restraining order to protect yourself and your children. A domestic violence restraining order can be filed against a current or former spouse, intimate partner, or certain relatives. 

A domestic violence restraining order can help ensure that the aggressor does not contact, harass, threaten, stalk, or harm you. A temporary restraining order can be issued the same day or by the next business day in order to ensure you receive the protection you need. 

At Stolar Law Group, we will take immediate action to protect you and your children, as well as provide skilled and persuasive representation in hearings. Your response to domestic violence abuse must be carefully tailored to your unique situation. We will see that your appeal to the court is designed to provide the protection you need, including filing a restraining order, if necessary, for as long as you need it.

Protect What Matters Most With Stolar Law Group

It is important to discuss your situation with an attorney as soon as possible. Our Los Angeles domestic violence attorney will handle your matter case in a proper, effective manner so you and your loved ones are fully protected. We are committed to making sure your voice is heard.

At Stolar Law Group, we handle a wide variety of domestic violence cases, including those involving:

Reach out to the Los Angeles family lawyer at Stolar Law Group for help with your divorce, child custody, domestic violence, or restraining order case. We offer free and confidential consultations, and our multilingual staff can assist you in English, Spanish, Armenian, Arabic, or Hebrew.

Contact Stolar Law Group to Schedule a Consultation

At Stolar Law Group, we are committed to treating your family like family. If you have questions about a domestic violence issue, please call our office at (424) 421-0009 or contact our office online today for a free and confidential consultation. All domestic violence case evaluations are provided without obligation to retain our services. Get the help you need now from a skilled attorney. 

We understand the sensitive and urgent nature of these matters, which is why we respond promptly to all calls and inquiries. We will provide compassionate, personalized legal representation tailored to your specific situation, concerns, and needs. Protect what matters most with Stolar Law Group.

If you are ready to find out how a Los Angeles family law lawyer from Stolar Law Group can assist you, please call our office at (424) 421-0009 to schedule an initial consultation. We have been helping clients throughout Southern California for decades, and now we’re ready to help you.
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