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What About Dating And Divorce In Los Angeles?

Part of the healing process during and after a divorce may include the idea of revitalizing one’s social life and possibly forming new relationships.

In the initial emotional stages of a divorce, you may be more consumed by emotions such as depression, grief, shock and anger. However, as time goes by and you begin to feel like yourself again, you may begin to consider dating other people.

Before you move ahead into an active dating life again, you should understand possible legal repercussions with regard to your divorce or child custody case. It is important that you proceed with caution. Your personal life is one thing – a family law court’s interest in your affairs as they pertain to your divorce is another.

Protecting Yourself In The Eyes Of The Family Law Court

If your new dating activities and relationships are visible, there is always the possibility that they could have an influence on outcomes in your divorce decree:

Your spouse’s lawyer may contend that you have been engaged in wanton dissipation of marital assets or can obviously afford to pay more in alimony or child support. If your spouse believes that you are engaged in immorality based on any public display of your dating activities, this argument may be used in favor of restricting your child custody or visitation rights. At Stolar & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation, I can help you proceed with caution.

Need help protecting your interests? Call me, attorney Steve Stolar, at 310-800-2132 for an initial case evaluation.

The Dangers Of Social Media

You are no doubt aware of the ubiquitous nature of social media websites such as Facebook. Even if you do not post photos of your dating or do not even have a Facebook page, it is always possible that other people will post pictures of you and whomever you socialize with, making your personal life public. When divorces involve well-known professional athletes or entertainers, publicity could go even further into mainstream media outlets.

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A Beverly Hills Attorney Offering Experienced Counsel

If you are ready to speak with an experienced divorce attorney, at Stolar & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation, I have the necessary knowledge to effectively advise you. I have 35 years of experience, which I can apply to your case. Let me help you transition smoothly into the next chapter of your life.

Discuss the aspects of your pending California divorce with me before your decree is final. Call 310-800-2132 to complete my online form.

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