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High-Stakes Family Law Representation For Executives And Professionals

Executives and professionals such as lawyers, doctors and dentists and their spouses need to understand that they can face special challenges when divorce or other family law matters arise. For individuals who have succeeded in their chosen fields, the rewards of that success can be threatened by inadequate family law representation. This is also true for spouses of successful professionals. Especially if you have high-dollar or complex assets to divide, it is important to choose an attorney with experience handling the specific issues that your particular circumstances carry.

Some of the issues that you may face as an executive or successful professional include the following:

  • Substantial income
  • Substantial assets and property
  • Business or professional practice ownership or interests
  • Deferred compensation
  • Stock options

I understand how to effectively present evidence that can ensure that any support obligations are decided as favorably as possible. At my firm, Stolar & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation, I have been providing effective family law representation to executives and professionals for 35 years. I understand the concerns of successful clients, and I have the experience, knowledge and skill necessary to create real solutions that are tailored to the unique characteristics of their individual situations.

Call me, attorney Steven Stolar, at 310-800-2132 to learn more during an initial consultation.

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Protecting Your Child Custody Rights

For parents who are going through divorce, few priorities surpass the maintenance and preservation of their relationships with their children. In addition to child custody, divorce involves a number of other important decisions that have to be made.

Given the importance of these decisions to your future, it is difficult to overstate the value of the peace of mind that can come from knowing that your attorney is capable of ensuring that your voice is heard during the determination of child custody and visitation or parenting time. I will make your priorities my priority. Let me help you protect your relationship with your children.

Resolving Child Support Issues For Professionals

Child support in California is determined using a state-mandated guideline. The guideline employs a formula that factors in a number of related figures to arrive at what level of child support obligation is required in a particular situation.

Some factors that determine child support are:

  • Incomes of both parents
  • Child’s health care costs
  • The cost of day care
  • Educational expenses
  • Additional needs of the child

The determination of child support can be quite different for executives than for most people, who need to look no further than their W-2s to determine the incomes they will report. It is critical that you have an attorney who understands how to present evidence of income when such individualized compensation is present. This is true for both executives and professionals and their spouses.

Compensation for executives and professionals can include:

  • Deferred compensation
  • Stock options
  • Bonuses

When Attorneys And Doctors File For Divorce

Lawyers, doctors and other licensed professionals with high-earning capacity face unique challenges when their marriages break down for any reason. Whether you have decided to file for divorce or your spouse has filed against you, the road ahead may have great potential for conflict that disrupts both your family relationships and your career. Based in Beverly Hills and focused intently on representing professionals, the legal team at my firm has proven itself capable of attaining positive results for clients in complex divorces.

Our L.A. divorce and family law attorneys’ established skills and capabilities include:

  • High proficiency and analytical strength in financial matters impacting our clients’ futures, ranging from business valuation and complex property division to tax implications
  • Sensitivity to the personal priorities of busy professionals, including those in need of assertive and creative representation to achieve specific child custody goals
  • Knowledge of all paths to a cost-effective, time-efficient divorce backed by decades of experience in litigation of intensely contested disputes
  • Proven ability to attack or defend a prenuptial agreement, leveraging in-depth knowledge of this ever-evolving area of California family law

Guiding Executives And Other Professionals Through Divorce

The challenge of divorce is that you must make decisions that will dramatically and possibly permanently reconfigure your life. These decisions must be made while you are suffering from the stress and confusion that comes with facing the end of a relationship that may have been shaping your life for a great deal of time. It is critical that you have the guidance of a lawyer who is not just effective at divorce, but who also understands the issues involved when a spouse is a well-compensated executive or professional.

I can help you achieve your goals and address the following related issues:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Property division
  • Modification of family court orders

If you have succeeded in business or some professional field such as law or medicine, you have much to lose if your divorce is not handled properly. Trust your future to an attorney who has extensive experience helping executives, professional athletes, professional entertainers and others with exceptional careers. I utilize outside financial experts when necessary to help me secure favorable outcomes on the financial aspects of divorce such as alimony.

Need Help Enforcing A Family Court Order?

After the difficulty of going through a divorce or other type of family law action, many people feel a sense of relief that the ordeal is over or security that the issue before the court has been settled. In many instances, that relief and sense of security is predicated on the compliance of your former spouse. If your former spouse is failing to comply with the terms that were established in your divorce decree or if the other party to some other family court order is not complying, you need to take action. The courts can be petitioned to enforce compliance.

Some of the common issues the courts are asked to enforce include:

  • Child custody
  • Visitation/parenting time
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Property division

I provide exceptional representation that is based on 35 years of experience. I understand the needs of my clients, especially executives, professionals and their former spouses, when one party fails to comply with a divorce decree or other family court order. I can help you use the power of the court to compel compliance with your order or decree.

Pursuing The Modification Of Family Court Orders

Divorce decrees and family court orders are created to address the issues necessary for the dissolution of a marriage or to deal with some other family law issue independent from divorce. Divorce decrees and family court orders are designed to be able to solve problems in ways that will remain effective as circumstances change and evolve in the future.

However, not all agreements remain relevant or useful.

Divorce decrees and other family court orders deal with issues that are prone to involve evolving circumstances that will necessitate modifications in order to keep those agreements as relevant and reflective of the reality of the issues they govern. For successful executives and professionals and their former spouses, the opportunity for evolving circumstances may be much greater than for those with less dynamic careers.

Executives, professionals and their spouses need family law representation that is experienced in dealing with issues such as:

  • Large bonuses
  • New positions in other states or other countries

I understand the need for your divorce decree or other family law order to accurately reflect the circumstances of your life. I will bring the full strength of my experience and knowledge to help you secure the modification you need.

Seek The Protection Of A Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements allow individuals to add a degree of predictability to certain aspects of their marriage. Generally, prenuptial agreements address financial issues, but they can be used to address any issue, including child-related issues and property ownership issues. Being able to add certainty can provide real peace of mind for those entering a marriage.

For successful executives and professionals, that added certainty can be especially welcome given the substantial assets and property that they may be bringing into a marriage as well as the fact that their income could increase dramatically over the course of the marriage.

Professionals can benefit greatly from prenuptial agreements because they can provide the following:

  • A degree of predictability and sense of security
  • Intangible benefits, such as fostering honest discussions regarding goals for the future

Addressing Property Division Matters

Successful executives and professionals such as lawyers and doctors may have accumulated substantial assets and property. The division of property that occurs during divorce can be a challenge for any couple, but when significant assets are involved, the challenge of dividing community property can become so much more difficult. Not only is there more property to consider, but the likelihood of disagreements and disputes increases as well.

I understand that executives and professionals and their spouses need to be able to rely on their attorney to be able to deal with:

  • Complex valuation questions
  • Division of high-value portfolios
  • Other complicated financial aspects of the division of property

I bring in outside financial experts to assist in cases when their advice is necessary. The division of property in California is handled on an equitable basis. This means that a judge has a good degree of latitude in determining a fair division of assets. My skill in this area can help ensure that your goals for the division of property are within reach.

Protective And Restraining Orders

Perhaps you have been wrongly named in a domestic violence restraining order or any type of restraining order or protective order. I have the necessary skills and experience to pursue every legal avenue to get the restraining order lifted promptly and allow you to return to your normal activities.

At my Beverly Hills-based family law firm, I am well aware of the high stakes that often come along with family law troubles. Are you concerned that your professional image and your livelihood will be at risk unnecessarily because of your divorce? Personal pain is bad enough, but when it, in turn, triggers the downfall of a career, it can be a very long fall.

Entrust your family law matter to lawyers with ample experience representing well-known, successful people. The team at my firm helps obtain protective orders for executives with full regard for the importance of protecting these clients’ privacy and public images of success. Do not attempt to deal with sensitive issues such as restraining orders for professionals without qualified counsel.

Assisting Clients With Spousal Support

Spousal support, commonly referred to as alimony, is financial support that is designed to help both spouses maintain, as closely as possible, the quality of life they enjoyed during the marriage. The obvious challenge of spousal support is that divorce takes one household and divides it into two. I understand how to create and implement strategies that can provide effective resolutions for my clients.

I know the courts will look at a variety of factors when determining alimony, including:

  • Need
  • Ability to pay
  • Earning potential
  • Each party’s assets and debts
  • Age and health of the parties
  • Contributions to the marriage (e.g., homemaking)

For successful professionals and their spouses, it is important to secure the representation of an attorney who understands how to effectively present a case for or against spousal support. A key element of doing so may rely on the use of experts to create evidence of income.

Speak With A Lawyer About Your Coming Divorce As An Executive Or Professional

If you are an executive or some type of professional (or the spouse of such a person) and you are facing divorce or some other family law matter, take action to protect your child and your rights as a parent. Get in touch with my firm today for the skilled, individualized legal guidance you deserve. I am confident in my abilities to handle your case in an effective manner.

Contact my firm today to retain high-quality legal representation. Call 310-800-2132 or send an email inquiry today to schedule a consultation.

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