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Post-Decree Modifications In Los Angeles

Does your child want to spend more time with you? Has your ex received a raise in pay? If circumstances have changed significantly since your spousal support, child support, custody or visitation order was issued, the court will consider a request for post-decree modification. At Stolar & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation, I represent individuals before, during and after divorce. If you need help pursuing a post-decree modification to reflect your new circumstances, you can talk to me, attorney Steven Stolar.

Will Modifying A Custody Or Support Order Affect Your Child?

I have dedicated my law firm to representing parents in Southern California courts for 35 years. As your attorney, I will help you consider all your legal options, including a variety of parenting plans. I will discuss how a change will affect your relationship with your child and how it will affect your financial security.

After you have decided how to proceed, I will frame an argument to present your position in the strongest way. If you feel your child is at risk if he or she returns to the other parent’s home, I will request that the court take immediate action while the matter is investigated.

Reasons A Court May Grant A Post-Decree Modification

The court may grant an order for post-decree modification for a variety of reasons:

  • There has been a significant change in income (yours or your ex’s).
  • Your child’s needs have changed due to medical expenses, a special class, or an activity.
  • Your child has grown to a stage where a change in custody will benefit the child.
  • The custodial parent is relocating and a change will allow the child to remain.
  • The custodial parent is moving, a move-away order has been issued allowing the parent to take the child out of state, and a different custody and visitation arrangement is needed.
  • A child’s school hours, sports or other activities require a change in the parenting plan.

Need To Modify An Alimony Order? Call My Firm.

If the terms of your divorce or dissolution of a domestic partnership include a provision for alimony and either you or your ex’s needs or resources have changed significantly since the decree, you may be eligible for a modification of the spousal support decree. I can help you take the necessary measures required to petition for a modification of spousal support.

Each family and each situation is unique. Contact my firm for the personalized legal strategy you need for a higher chance of success: 310-800-2132.

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