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Legal Grounds For Annulment In California

Annulment is the legal process where the court deems that due to certain circumstances, the marriage is void or not legally valid. Once obtained, it is as if the marriage never occurred.

A judge may grant an annulment based on one of the following factors:

  • Duress (force) or fraud was used to convince one party to marry.
  • One spouse suffered from a physical or mental incapacity at the time of the marriage.
  • The spouses were closely related (incest).
  • One of the spouses was under 18 and lacked parental consent.
  • One of the spouses was still married to someone else (bigamy).
  • One / both spouses were under the influence of drugs / alcohol at the time of the marriage.

Is Your Marriage Eligible For Annulment In Los Angeles?

There are strict requirements for obtaining an annulment in California. If you feel you may be eligible for an annulment, it is important to discuss your situation with me, attorney Steven Stolar. At my Beverly Hills firm, Stolar & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation, I can carefully examine your case, explain your rights and options, and assist you with preparing your petition accurately and effectively – otherwise, the court may deny your request and you may be forced to proceed with the divorce.

I have been helping individuals and families through difficult family law problems, such as divorcelegal separation, or annulment, for 35 years. Not sure if you are eligible for an annulment? Find out during a case evaluation by calling our divorce lawyers at 310-800-2132.

Stolar & Associates: Working To Protect Your Family And Your Future

Don’t risk jeopardizing your right to a marriage annulment. At my Beverly Hills divorce firm, I have the experience and sincere concern required to effectively protect your interests. I will guide you through each step of the annulment process so that you are aware of your options.

To begin the annulment process in Beverly Hills, get in touch with my top-notch firm today by email or by phone at 310-800-2132.

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