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Comprehensive Family Law Services And Representation

Stolar & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation, is a full-service firm offering assistance with any family law issue you may be facing. I am lawyer Steve Stolar, highly experienced in and knowledgeable about California laws regarding marriage, divorce, child custody and parental rights, and you’ll find in-depth pages on all these issues and more on this website.

A partial list of my areas of practice is as follows:

Chances are good that if you need a service or advice related to California family law, I can offer it. After reading through the pages you may be looking for, feel free to contact my firm to discuss your own legal matter with me.

Skilled And Knowledgeable Representation In High-Asset Divorce

Many clients come to me with sizeable and complex marital estates that can be complicated to divide in a divorce. Complicating factors include diverse asset portfolios, closely-held businesses, lucrative benefits and retirement plans, and more.

No matter the size of your marital estate or its complexity, I am prepared to help you locate and value all assets and seek a fair divorce settlement. If you own a business that your spouse plays no role in, I will help you prioritize and protect it when going through negotiations with your spouse and their attorneys. The same is true for other assets that are important to you.

Advocating For The Well-Being Of Children

Children are the most vulnerable parties in any family law action, and they need to be protected whenever possible. My firm is committed to finding a custody agreement in the best interests of your kids and ensuring that they have the care and resources they need to be happy and healthy.

You’ll find numerous pages devoted to child custody matters on this site, including custody disputes (in-state as well as out of state), stepparent adoption, parental alienation, child protective services, and more.

There Is No Substitute For Case-Specific Advice – Call Me Today

From an office in Beverly Hills, Stolar & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation serves clients throughout the Los Angeles area. To schedule your initial consultation with an attorney, call me at 310-800-2132 or complete a simple online form.

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