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Pursuing Private Investigations In Los Angeles

Making a decision to get a divorce can be difficult, but knowing the hard facts about a spouse can help in making that decision. What is the truth? Is your spouse cheating on you? Is your husband or wife involved in illegal activities? Is your spouse hiding assets with the purpose of depriving you of community property? I am attorney Steven Stolar. I have investigators who can track hidden assets and find out about a spouse’s secret activities.

Finding The Facts

Knowing the truth can put you in a better position for make decisions and to negotiate a fair and equitable agreement. At Stolar & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation, my private investigators have the skills to physically track people or check their backgrounds.

Why should you retain my firm’s services? Consider the following reasons:

  • I can find hidden assets. Following money trails is a skill that requires a knowledge of finance, as well as an understanding of the resources necessary.
  • I have a 9.1 Superb Avvo Rating.
  • I offer caring and well-versed legal representation.

Choose a family law attorney whose credentials and integrity you can trust. Countless clients before you have found my counsel and representation to be supportive and reliable.

A Los Angeles Attorney Helping You Uncover the Truth

With my 35 years of experience, my firm is the one you need on your side. I realize how stressful it can be to have your marital status hinge on not knowing the truth. Has your spouse violated your premarital agreement? Do you have all the evidence you need to proceed with a divorce with confidence? I will equip you with all the evidence you need to make a decision for yourself and your family. My mission is to uncover the truth with the help of expert private investigators so that you can have peace of mind. I am here to help you in any way that I can be of assistance.

For skilled, professional legal representation, please email my firm or call 310-800-2132.

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