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Stepparent Adoption In Los Angeles

Does your stepchild consider you a parent? Are you the one who helps with homework, talks to the doctor, and claps at games and recitals? If something happened to your spouse, would you still want to be part of your stepchild’s life? If you are considering stepparent adoption, I can help you through the whole process. My firm, Stolar & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation, supports blended families and strives to protect parent-child relationships through stepparent adoption. I am attorney Steven Stolar, and I would be happy to explain how California law applies to your specific situation.

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Why Is Stepparent Adoption Important?

As a stepparent, you have no legal rights. If your spouse became incapacitated or died, or you divorced, the court could award custody of your stepchild to anyone – possibly a relative who has never been part of your child’s life. You could be prevented from ever seeing your child again. Through stepparent adoption, your legal relationship with your child will become identical to that of birth parent and child.

Here’s what you should know about stepparent adoptions:

  • Stepparents adopting a stepchild is one of the most common forms of adoption.
  • Stepparent adoption means the stepparent is fully responsible for the child.
  • The noncustodial parent no longer has any legal rights for the child after the adoption.

Discuss Your Specific Needs With Our Adoption Lawyers

Before you can proceed with the adoption, the court will need to know that the birth parent is willing to waive his or her rights. In a case where it is clear the birth parent is unfit, the court may issue an order terminating parental rights. I will determine whether there are barriers to adoption and will help with necessary legal measures. It is my goal to protect families.

If you would like to discuss stepparent adoption with my Beverly Hills legal team, please call my firm.

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