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Is There Cause To File An Appeal Of Your Case? Contact An Appellate Lawyer.

If you have recently emerged from litigation over a family law matter and are not convinced that the outcome was fair or right, you are wise to seek counsel from an experienced family law appellate lawyer. At my firm, Stolar & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation, I offer in-depth experience in family law, including family law appeals. With over three decades of experience behind me, I am prepared to take your case back to an appellate court in pursuit of a more just result.

Some reasons for petitioning for a family law appeal include the following:

  • Did your spouse hide assets that have now come to light?
  • Have other relevant facts come to light after the final judgment was made?
  • Did a judge not consider facts you believe would have changed the result of the trial?
  • Do you believe your lawyer gave you ineffective counsel?

To move forward with your appeal, call me, attorney Steve Stolar, at 310-800-2132 for a case evaluation.

Taking The Big Picture Into Account

As a family law appeals lawyer in Beverly Hills, I have the necessary skills and experience to be able to develop compelling arguments in appeals that will take into account the big picture. I have achieved many favorable outcomes for appellate cases involving divorce settlements, child custody and other family law matters. I represent clients throughout Southern California, including Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

When a dispute goes to trial, the result should clarify the issues in question, such as:

  • Property division
  • Alimony
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Child visitation

Need more information about the appellate process? Give my firm a call to learn more.

Reach Me At My Beverly Hills Law Offices To Discuss A Possible Appeal

Call 310-800-2132 or send an email inquiry to request a consultation with me, a California family law appellate lawyer.

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