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Parental Alienation Syndrome: Brainwashing Children And Making The Other Parent Look Bad

Divorce is between the two parents, but sometimes a parent will use divorce issues to drive a wedge between the other parent and the child in hopes of destroying the existing relationship between them. Restructuring a family always brings confusion, but healthy parents use their time to reassure their children, not alienate them from the other parent. If you are a mother or father and feel you have been affected by parental alienation, my firm, Stolar & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation, can help.

Some signs of parental alienation include the following:

  • Your child acts differently around one parent.
  • Your child “protects” the other parent.
  • Your child starts to rebel strongly against you and members of your household.
  • You are being refused access to school or medical records and schedules.
  • The other parent is refusing to be flexible with the visitation schedule.

Is this happening in your family? Do you need help? Call me, attorney Steven Stolar, at 310-800-2132 to discuss legal remedies.

A Los Angeles Attorney Protecting Parental Rights

Most parents are concerned with the best interests of the child – and it is never in the child’s best interests to denigrate the other parent. Unfortunately, parental alienation still happens. Being alienated from your parental role is slow and painful. Always keep aware and guard against the wedge, which can be so subtle that you never see it until it’s too late.

If parental alienation is happening in your family, I can help you in the following ways:

  • Has your ex made accusations of child brainwashing against you? Do you feel you are a victim of parental alienation syndrome? There are community education programs and seminars that can help you and your ex understand how to interact with your children.
  • Your children need to know about the divorce and the fact that your family is changing. A child should not be used, however, as a confidant to air issues. I can offer some suggestions about what to tell the children, and I can refer you to appropriate resources.
  • Custody evaluations are an important part of the custody decision process. I can guide you through the process and help you prepare for the evaluation interviews.

I want to help you get through this period of time with as little pain as possible. Because my law firm is focused primarily on family law, I have the experience to guide you to the right resources. I can also persuade a family law judge to take action against the other parent if appropriate.

I Am Here To Help

Retain my firm’s top-notch legal services in Beverly Hills to learn about ways to help you overcome parental alienation both legally and in terms of your parent-child relationship. Start the conversation with an initial consultation. Call 310-800-2132 or send an email inquiry.

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