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Child Support Modifications

How Do I Make A Change To An Existing Support Order?

At Stolar & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation, I can assist you with seeking a modification to your existing child support order if circumstances have significantly changed. Perhaps you lost your job or were forced to accept a lower-paying position. Perhaps the other parent gained a much higher-paying job and is now able to contribute more. Perhaps you remarried and now have stepchildren to support in addition to your biological children. Perhaps your child’s needs have changed and his or her care-related expenses have increased. I am attorney Steven Stolar, and I will carefully review your case. If a modification is possible, I will help you seek one from the appropriate California family law court.

Thinking About Modifying Your Child Support Order?

California child support orders are based on parents’ financial situations and circumstances at the time of their divorce. In the years that follow, a wide array of substantial changes in circumstances may justify modification of those orders. While at Stolar & Associates, I primarily focus on divorce representation and development of prenuptial agreements, I also take action for people in need of post-divorce modifications. I can readily assess your case – whether you want a modification or need to defense against one – and provide guidance.

The most common reasons to seek modification of child support include:

  • A significant increase or unavoidable decrease in either parent’s income
  • Agreed-upon or litigated changes in the child custody and visitation arrangement
  • Parental relocation, adding significantly to the expenses for visitation
  • Major changes in children’s financial needs due to health problems or other serious causes

Consult With A Proven Los Angeles Child Support Attorney

People who try to handle modifications informally without legal counsel take serious risks. Ex-spouses may be willing to make trade-offs at one point but decide later to enforce the letter of the law, and unpaid child support is never a forgivable debt. Whether you are dealing with complex life changes involving your children, believe your ex-spouse is hiding income, or have other serious concerns, I encourage you to contact me for counsel on your legal rights and options. I welcome clients from all throughout Los Angeles County.

Explore your options during an initial consultation. Call my firm at 310-800-2132.

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