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International Divorce Cases

Representing Clients In Overseas Divorces

For those serving in the military or living overseas, you do not have to wait until you get back to California to get a divorce. You may have a spouse who has filed for divorce in California and you need to respond. Or you may want to file now from your current location and not wait until your return. At my firm, Stolar & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation, in most cases, I can represent you in court and protect your rights and interests no matter where your physical location may be at the moment.

You need an attorney you can trust with negotiations and legal representation if:

  • Your spouse lives in California.
  • You have California assets.
  • Your minor children live in California.
  • Your home base is California.

Based in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, I am Steven Stolar, an international divorce lawyer with extensive experience with nonresident divorces. I know how to handle divorce, child custody, division of property and other matters without you having to take the time and expense to be in California.

Retain my services by calling 310-800-2132. I offer initial case evaluations.

Divorce Representation For Military Personnel

If you are in the military, I know you cannot simply come home to take care of the matter. You need a divorce lawyer you can trust – an attorney who will help you with all aspects of military divorce, keep you informed about your case, and understand your priorities and concerns.

My firm has a reputation for providing legal services of the highest quality. As your advocate, I will protect your rights and interests until your divorce is finalized.

International Divorce Attorneys Delivering Client-Focused Attention

If you are working, living or serving in the military overseas, I have the skills and knowledge to guide you through the process and the decisions that come with a divorce action. I strive to provide client-focused attention to each divorce case in our care.

Are you ready to proceed with an international divorce? Contact us today!

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