If you receive or pay child support, you know that several factors affect how much that order is. Your income, the living arrangements and how many children the payer has are all details that will determine what is appropriate in terms of the amount a person pays.However, these and other factors change over time. And when they do, it could be time to modify your child support order.


Changing a child support order can be appropriate in light of certain events, including:

  • Involuntary job loss
  • Promotion or other means of increased income
  • Changes in the medical needs of a child or parent
  • The paying parent has more children to support
  • Shifts in the balance of custody
  • Parental incarceration
  • Parental military deployment
  • A child’s financial needs increase or decrease dramatically

Under these circumstances, the courts may approve a modification. However, keep in mind that these changes should reflect a significant difference in the financial resources or needs of the parties. In general, Modifying your child support order from time to time can ensure it is fair and reflects current circumstances, so it is crucial to consider this option over time.