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Enforcing Child Support Orders

At my firm, Stolar & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation, I am committed to helping families – which is especially important when assuring that children are receiving court-ordered child support. I am attorney Steven Stolar. Having made thousands of court appearances in my 35 years of practice, I am familiar with the Beverly Hills court system and how it works. If you are a custodial parent who is not receiving support payments or if you are a parent unable to meet your child support obligations, seek my firm’s assistance to resolve the problem.

Tell me about your case. Initial consultations are available – call 310-800-2132.

Is The Other Parent Failing To Pay Child Support On Time?

When a parent fails to make court-ordered child support payments, my firm steps in to help enforce an existing court order. I want to help my clients recover the funds they need to take care of their families. If your situation or circumstances have significantly changed since your child support order was issued, I can also help you petition for a modification.

Child support payments are legal obligations that are not optional. A dispute over visitation or other matters is not a valid reason to withhold these payments. If your spouse is not providing the child support that you are entitled to, my firm can take action to enforce your support order. The nonpaying spouse may be subject to wage garnishment in which the payments are taken directly from his or her paycheck. Likewise, if you are the paying spouse and your visitation rights are being violated, I can assist you with asserting your rights as a parent.

A Dedicated Attorney Supporting Families On Both Sides Of The Support Equation

For more than three decades, my Beverly Hills-based firm has been meeting the various needs of families in Beverly Hills. I know how frustrating child support cases can be for parents. When child support payments are not made, the situation can get out of control quickly.

If you are paying child support, you may have good reasons for not paying, such as:

  • The loss of your job
  • A prolonged illness
  • Other financial problems

However, you cannot change your child support obligations without the permission of the court. My firm can assist you in petitioning for a child support modification due to a change in your circumstances. As an enforcement attorney, I can also take action on behalf of custodial parents who are not receiving court-ordered child support. As the custodial parent, you need and deserve court-ordered support for your child. With my help, you can feel peace of mind in knowing that your child support matter has been resolved.

To Get The Child Support Enforcement Services That You Need

I am confident that I can help you overcome the frustration and worry caused by missed child support payments from the other parent. Contact my family law firm in Beverly Hills. Call 310-800-2132 or send an email inquiry.

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